Friday, 8 November 2013

Some advice please!

I will just leave you with a quick question before the weekend, because my best friend is visiting me for the next four days and I will not have time to make or write something :) Hah, I can't wait for her to arrive!

left: brushed; right: not brushed

A few weeks ago, I bought this lovely brushed cotton in Goldhawk Road. I will make a wintery Colette Beignet from it. However, the cotton is brushed only on one side and now I am not sure which side is the right and wrong one? Intuition-wise I thing the brushed and warmer side will be the wrong one. But then the bushed side looks prettier and maybe it is the right side? It would be great, if you could help me with this, because otherwise I am never going to make this skirt, buh.

brushed side

not brushed side

Otherwise, I have started already to make Christmas presents! For me its only five weekends left before I go home to Germany, so I really have to get started! No more selfish sewing :( For my grandparents I am going to make pillow cases. And you probably know, that my favourite colour for quilting is pink! Not a good choice for them. But I was lucky and won in August the stash match organised by Alexandra from a squared w. So I got a lovely fat eights Hand Drawn Garden bundle  and although these colours are not mine at all, they will be perfect for my grandparents.

Pillow case - not quilted yet

So, here just a little sneak peek of the first pillow case that is still in the make!
Have you started to make presents? Or have you decided what to give whom?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I can't say that I know which is "right", but I think the brushed side would look lovely on as the right side of the fabric for the Beignet! It would make a very nice wintery-looking skirt.

    Again, that's just my opinion, I don't know what's technically right or wrong

  2. The right side is whichever you say it is! But if you're wondering what the manufacturer thought was the right side, I think the rule of thumb is that it's the side folded to the inside when it's on the bolt. As far as cosiness goes, I imagine you'll have to line the skirt or wear a slip anyways to keep it from riding up when you wear tights, so you won't feel if it's brushed inside or not. I love the pillow case. Your quilting is really impressive!

    1. Hm, folded to the inside was the not-brushed one. And you are right, I will line the skirt and will wear it with tights anyway! It is decided, I will use the brushed side as my right side! Thank you :)


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