Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Owl Christmas Jumper

Just in time for Christmas, I finished my knitted Owl Jumper. I am a little bit proud because it is my first knitted jumper (and my 2nd knitted garment) and I even made slight adjustments to the pattern.
Here come the owls!
Pattern: Owls by Kate Davies. When I saw it, I just fell in love with it because of the little owls at the neckline. Having been an owl fan even before the owl-trend started, I just couldn't resist!

See the little black buttons? Love that detail :)

Wool: Cascade Yarns Eco + in Merlot. Because of the color, I think it is suitable as a Christmas jumper, hehe.

Pretty from the back as well.
Construction: It took me only one and a half month, so pretty quick and easy :) You can see my Ravelry notes here, if you are interested. It took me longest to knit the sleeves! They were so boring, but otherwise it was fun :) (It was no fun, however, to sew on 40 little 5mm buttons, buh, took me a while.)

Look me in the eyes, hehe.

Have I worn it yet? Nope, because the UK weather is quite warm at the moment. But I will wear it in cold Germany, where it will keep me warm and cosy.

Do I like the jumper? I love it! The color, the fit, the OWLS!

One more to go, just because :)
Last one!


  1. It amazes me when people can knit up a beautiful sweater like yours :) I also was an owl lover before the trend so it was awesome to see yours on the sweater! Great Job!

  2. This is beautiful, astonishing that it's only the second garment you've knitted! Well done you!

  3. This is beautiful, astonishing that it's only the second garment you've knitted! Well done you!

  4. Looks great, Daniela! It's a perfect holiday sweater!

  5. I love love love this! I also have the pattern earmarked (I promise, I'm not copying you 😊) but I still haven't finished my Miette! Your owl is one of the best I've seen, the colour is just wonderful.

  6. Cute jumper! This pattern is also on my to-knit list so it's good to see another version of it. It's a great colour and, while the buttons may have been a pain to sew on, they're just right for the eyes here!

  7. This is gorgeous!! And I am amazed that it's you second garment! I love this pattern, but haven't made it myself. I have made fingerless gloves based on this pattern (I think that pattern was called Owlings), and it had about eight owls. I was losing the will to live sewing on the eyes for them, so I can understand how fourty eyes was not fun! I'm off to find you on Ravelry now.

  8. Amazing! Good work! It fits you perfectly!

  9. This is gorgeous! I can't believe it's only the second thing you've knitted, it's fantastic. I have still yet to start on a jumper...

  10. Sooo beautiful! I cannot believe how fast you're at knitting things like that! Thumbs up!

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