Sunday 2 February 2014

Teatime: Reversible Table Topper!

I am in the midst of fitting Simplicity 1883 (it was part of my autumn sewing list), which is a dress with princess seams. And as you might know, princess seams and me are no friends. As it might take me a few more weeks (I just assembled muslin 2) to actually finish it, I try to keep myself motivated in between by working on some smaller and easier projects :)

Quick question: Do princess seams have to go over your apex? Mine are like 2" next to it.

So, here comes the reversible table topper!

Do the proportions look wrong? The tea pot is a Chinese clay tea pot and fits only 100 ml :) (if you ever want to have a Chinese tea ceremony)
Fabric: From my quilting stash (I try to use some of that fabric as well, although it is not part of my diet). I bought it when I just started to quilt and ordered it online. So when it arrived I was a little bit surprised because it is a heavy fabric. It said cotton duck, which is actually a linen canvas (artists even paint on it. Why didn't I Wikipedia it before???) But I just love the pattern. All these little tea cups and plates. And the colors. They are my favorites. And what better way to show off the fabric, then to make a table topper!

The front with the snowball blocks...

The back made from fabric strips and little triangles.

Construction: For the front I used the snowball block pattern from cluckclucksew. These are big blocks that come easily together and lock beautiful. When trimming the blocks I cut off little fabric triangles and I just thought it would be a pity to throw them away, so I used them for the back! I didn't plan on making a reversible table topper, but I think the back looks really pretty as well - I almost like it more than the front ;)

See, not stiff at all!

I didn't quilt the table topper, so there is no backing in between the two layers of fabric. This has the advantage that it is not so thick and actually dangles from the table :) If I would have quilted it, the table topper would have been super stiff.

Why is it so difficult to take nice pictures from a table topper on a table?

How about you? Are you inspired to make some decorations for your home? Or do you prefer to make garments?


  1. cute! I love the little tea cups. Sorry, I'm no help w/ the princess seams. My guess is that you would want them to go over the apex? Here is what I found on pattern review "A princess seam runs over the apex or more flatteringly a 1/4" to the side. If it is considerably more than that I'd think that it was a side panel and not a princess seam"
    And I much prefer garment sewing to home sewing. You have more patience than I do with the quilting! ;-)

    1. Thank you Kristin! I really need to solve that issue with the princess seams, so thanks for finding some infos! I also tried to google this project from other sewists and it looked like they all had the seams over their apexes.

  2. A-MA-ZING! I love everything about it! The fabric, the colours, that it is reversible...Aww! Where did you get that awesome fabric? It reminds me of some sort of dreamy Alice in Wonderland style tea party. I love both sides. I like the shapes on the back side better, but the fabric is shown off better on the front. Great job!

    1. Thanks Charlie! I can't remember where I got the fabric from, sorry. And you are right, this table clothes could have been lying on Alices table, hehe.

  3. Well, now you have me wondering about the princess seams too! I have yet to sew one, ever!!

    Such lovely fabric - made into a very sweet table topper!

  4. Hmmm, I'm not sure about the answer to your princess seams question, sorry! Good luck with sorting out the fit on that project.
    And good idea to work on something smaller and easier to keep yourself going - the table runner is really pretty, both sides are equally as nice I think so it was definitely a good idea to use your cut off triangles on the back instead of just throwing them away!

  5. That's a lovely table topper! And the teapot and cups are cute.
    I think there are a few home decoration items in my future such as placemats and coasters. I don't sew garments and I'm not going to start any new large quilts.


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