Monday, 15 February 2016

Bettine in Jersey

Pattern: Bettine Dress by Tilly and the Buttons.

Fabric: This time I made it in jersey as suggested by Tilly. It is a really thin jersey and I got it for £3/m from Walthamstow market, London. I bought it because I was lured in by the color and the flowers, but was not sure what to make with it. But I think Bettine is the perfect match, because the drapy qualities of the fabric suit Bettine well.

Alterations: This is already my third version (see V1 and V2). My last two versions were made from woven fabric and I had problems with the underarms ripping when bending forwards. So the jersey fabric was kind of a cheat to avoid this! (But don't fret, I'm still determined to solve that problem!)

The original pattern comes with a facing, Tilly however, has a tutorial on her blog about how to add the neckband instead of the facing. It is super easy to follow and my neckband turned out great first time. The only thing I'm not 100% happy with, is the hem. I had to iron it for these photos because it is all wonky. The twin needle and thin jerseys are not really good friends in my hand. And I was to lazy to stabilise the hem with fusible time.

Will I make it again? Can I hear you groaning, hehe? I really love this pattern. It is very easy and fast to sew. Even I can manage to make it in one day and that usually never happens! So I will definitively be tempted to make it again come summer *I'm daydreaming here. Warm days, hmmm*


  1. Very pretty! That's such a nice fabric!

  2. Very pretty! That's such a nice fabric!

  3. Soo soo gorgeous! Your other two versions already sold the pattern to me and I love the jersey version as well! And ohh, this colour suits you so well! xx

  4. very very pretty! You know a pattern is great when it gets remade a few times :D

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