Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Notch Collar Jacket in Scuba Jersey

Be warned: This will be a picture heavy post.

Pattern: This is the simple sew notch collar jacket. The pattern was part of the Love Sewing magazine issue 21.

Fabric: Scuba jersey - I only bought it because of the big purple flowers. I was/am not convinced by the feel of this fabric and I'm still not sure I would like to wear it on my skin. I bought it last summer in Walthamstow market, London. I can't remember the exact price but I don't think it was more than £3.50/meter.

The friend who was with me when I bought it explained I could make every pattern from it. However, being at home all by myself, I was not that sure anymore and thus the fabric has been sitting in my stash ever since. When the notch collar jacket pattern came along I just knew the jacket would look lovely in that fabric. (it might have helped that the jacket on the magazine cover is also made from a flower fabric, haha)

I was not that sure about the sewing practicalities, as in general jerseys do not press that well and this jacket involves loads of pressing as it has a full facing and a notch collar. But, I had nothing to loose and just plunged in.

Alterations: I did all the alterations I mentioned in my wearable muslin post, so have a look there if you are interested.

Sewing: The jacket was mostly sewn on my overlocker. I only attached the facing and sewed the sleeve hems with my sewing machine. Again, I understitched the facing wherever possible and graded the seams to encourage the facing to fold towards the inside of the jacket. Loads of pressing and steaming was involved as well.

Despite my efforts the facing didn't want to stay inside thus I slip stitched it by hand all the way around. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Despite the scuba jersey being on the bulky side, the outline of the jacket looks neat and sharp, yeah.

Have I worn it yet? Yes, a couple of times. It is the most comfiest jacket ever thanks to the scuba jersey! Freedom of movement! There is only one problem. I don't have clothes to wear the jacket with. Again. The moment I had finished the jacket, I run to my wardrobe and started to pull clothes out only to find that none of them really go with the jacket. The best fit is actually my polka dot Coco.

Seeing these photographs, it looks like the notches of the collar are different heights. I just had another look at the jacket and they aren't, phew.

How about you? Have you sewn with scuba jersey or are you planning to do so? Please share :)


  1. I made a BHL Anna from scuba - love it and it's really comfy but was tricky to sew. It hated being pressed, got stuck in the feed dogs on my sewing machine, doesn't hold slip stitch invisibly at the hem.... Of course I am still fairly inexperienced in sewing for me! Have a couple of metres left so I can try something new..

    1. Oh wow, that doesn't sound like an easy journey! did you try to use some hem tape to fuse the hem in place? I really like the tape and use it for most of my makes at the moment.

  2. I've just made a pencil skirt from scuba - easily the fastest thing I've ever made. Self-drafted the pattern based on an existing pencil skirt I had and has an elastic waist. I didn't try pressing it at all and managed to hem the skirt without pressing to no ill effects.
    This jacket looks great!

    1. Hm a pencil skirt. That sounds lovely and you have just given me an idea what to do with the 1 m I have still left :) Thank you!

  3. I love your jacket! Do you have a black skirt? I think it will work well with a black skirt and a striped top (like a striped Coco). I live scube and made a Linden out of some floral scuba. I also made GoTo knit pants but I never blogged them since I'm not sure I like them. I like how comfortable and beefy scuba fabric is. The downside is the excess bulk and width it creates. Maybe I should try a Moss skirt from scuba...

    How did you press the notches? The jucket looks sharp, I thought it was impossible to achieve this with such a stubborn material.

  4. This is beautiful! I think it would look great with jeans and a white t shirt.

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  9. Great jacket! I love how it turned out, both this one and the wearable muslin! I want to make one for myself and found your blog googling for inspiration. I have also noticed you made your own wedding dress, congratulations! I will carefully read all the related posts because I am about to start mine :) Ciao

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