Sunday 12 January 2014

Floral Lady Skater Dress

So, finally I hopped on the bandwagon as well and made my own version of the lady skater dress! Shall we have a look?

I made a pantie as well!
Fabric: I was really lucky and got the loveliest jersey ever from Goldhawk Road. It is a grey jersey with pink roses all printed over it. It was around £8/meter and I managed to squeeze my long sleeve version out of 1.5 meters! And I had even enough left to make a pantie :) So far, this jersey is the softest one I ever used and I almost overlooked it in the shop. The shopkeeper was just going to start cutting a different (but not as nice) jersey, when I spotted this one over her shoulder and started yelling "stop" :) My budget allowed me only to buy one fabric, so that was a close call! And as I bought the fabric and made this dress at the end of 2014, I didn't violate my stash diet rules (They are in my head, but I still have to write them down).

Pattern: The well-known Lady Skater Dress from Kitschy Coo.

Alterations: I only did a sloping shoulder adjustment by moving the shoulder seams forward 5/8". Surprisingly, I didn't need a sway back adjustment, so yeah! I cut out a size 2 for the bust and graded to size 3 towards the waist.

Constructions: The pattern is stated as a beginner pattern and gives you detailed instructions how to sew with knits. You also have to attach clear elastic to the shoulder and waist seams (before sewing the actual seams together) to prevent their stretching. It was my first time working with clear elastic and I absolutely didn't like it. The needle had problems piercing the elastic and I ended up stretching out my seams, although I tried to not stretch at all. So, if anybody has some tips how to stitch on clear elastic, please share!!

I stitched most of my seams with my serger, which was quick and easy and used the twin needle for the hem. I do have the feeling that my twin needle liked this jersey more, as I had no problems with skipped stitches this time :) The only thing I had problems with, was to attach the neckline. I had to stretch it like crazy and than it was a bit short at the end and I had to stretch even more. But luckily jersey is forgiving and you can't see a thing!

It took me only about 5 hours to sew the dress (minus cutting out time that I did the night before) and it is thus the fastest make I have ever made!!!

Have I worn it yet? Yes I have, several times and I just love how comfy and soft it is!

Will I make it again? Cover your ears: YES! The pattern is just perfect and I know that there is more lovely jersey at Goldhawk Road. Actually, I have to keep myself from going to Goldhawk Road for the last 2 weeks, because I vowed to use up some fabric from my stash first and unluckily there is no jersey in there! So let's see how long I can resist...

Almost forgot the pantie! I was planning to make some panties for ages and as I had just enough jersey left, I finally gave it a try. I used the pattern made by Zoe from So.Zo...What do you know?. Zoe even wrote a lovely tutorial about how to construct these pants, so if you haven't tried it, you are missing out! And also check out Novitas tutorial over at very purple person about how to use different elastics, super helpful as well.

It took me only 1.5 hours from start to finish to make these panties, yeah. I can see myself making more! The only think I have to improve are my elastic sewing skills! I think I didn't stretch it enough and now the panties feels a bit loose, because the elastic is not pulling in. But it is still very comfy to wear, does not move around or down by itself, hehe. You know what I mean!

Have a lovely Sunday! 


  1. Such a pretty dress! It looks great on you! And good for you, keeping to your Stash Diet!

  2. It's a really lovely dress and it looks comfortable and easy to wear. And I love that your dress has matching knickers!

  3. love the floral lady skater :) That fabric looks great! And matching underwear!! Awesome! Thanks for the link on the elastic guide - I'll be reading it :)
    I really need to get my lady skater printed out!

  4. Great dress! The jersey is lovely - a good thing you spotted it before it was too late! I've got the Lady Skater pattern waiting to be made, my main sewing goal for this year is to get over my irrational fear of sewing knit fabrics.

  5. Your dress is lovely, the fit is fantastic! And yey to matching knickers!

  6. The fabric is so pretty, great choice and thd dress looks amazing on you!

  7. Today I've made my second Lady Skater. This time I used clear elastic and could only get it to work if it was underneath (next to the feed dogs). Last time I used thick pink elastic and that worked ok. I had bunching problems when I tried to sew with the clear elastic on top. Oh that I lived in London and could go to Goldhawk Road to satisfy a fabric urge! I'm looking for a pretty spring print jersey online, any suggestions?

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I actually made a second Lady Skater as well and managed to sew in the elastic without many troubles this time - but I pinned it like crazy. So this might have helped :) I can't suggest any online shops for buying jersey fabrics, because I never buy fabric online. Sorry, but I hope you will find some beautiful printed jerseys soon!

  8. Hi, could you post here, for the skater dress link to buy it. I found it on here earlier, ordered it, and my PO sent it back. I hope to get in touch with them to resend.
    Thankx :)


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