Wednesday 22 January 2014

My stash diet rules!

In case you were wondering what my stash diet rules are, I have written them down for you (and me, otherwise I might conveniently forget them)!

Let't loose some pounds!

The Rules: 

1. Use up as much fabric from my stash as possible before buying new one. I know that this relative, but I was thinking about at least 4 fabrics!

2. If I buy fabric, I will not choose cotton poplins or voiles. I will try to buy something I haven't used before, such as chiffon, silk and denim.

3. As I tend to accumulate patterns, I will use first the patterns I have in my stash. And if I buy a pattern, I will try to use it immediately!

4. A lot of my stash fabrics are leftovers from other projects. Therefore, I will trace and fit new patterns before buying fabric to estimate how much I really need.

I organised my stash - finally!

Naturally, there are a few exceptions :) 

1. I love to wear jersey and don't have any in my stash (two don't count), so I am allowed to buy some when I am ready to sew the garment. I am ready to sew another Lady Skater. But I am trying to hold off for the last 4 weeks.

2. Travel allowance: I can buy 3 fabrics max (excluding quilting fabrics). And as we are going to Kiev over Easter, I might just make use of that!

3. I am allowed to buy linings, trims, buttons and threads but only after checking I really can't use anything from my stash.


  1. this sounds like a great list of rules to follow - very reasonable :)

  2. great rules! I think I need to copy them, print them out and hang them all over my flat....

  3. Oooh, look at that beautifully organized stash! These seem very doable!


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