Friday 4 April 2014

Ladyskater No2 - Do I like it? I am not so sure...

I couldn't decide if I want to show you this dress, because I am not really happy with how it turned out. Especially after I made a Ladyskater before. But then, I like to show all the garments I have ever made on my blog. I actually love to scroll down my "Made by Me" page and see what I have made so far! It keeps me motivated to do more and gives me the feeling that I have accomplished something :) Anybody else has similar feelings when looking at your makes (blog, Flickr, wardrobe)?

But back to the dress in question! It gave me a big reminder that my learning curve in sewing and especially sewing with knits is still steep!

Fabric: I used a stable knit. It is a lovely knit I bought in Goldhawk Road and it was only £3.50/meter (or £4.50/m - I can't remember, but I found it really cheap for a print). I knew immediately it would be the perfect Ladyskater dress. It would have been, if I would have gone up one size at the bust and sleeves, because that's the areas where the dress is too tight!

More wrinkles at the back.
Unresolved fitting problems: You see the wrinkles under my armpits? Thea pointed out that these might be because my armhole is too tight. Actually I noticed that I have that problem on several knits, so I will scoop the armpits a bit out next time (yeah there will be a next time).

I also have to change the sleeves slightly - I am not a fan of these drag lines!

To make my whole sewing experience more difficult, I also forgot that the pattern has only a 3/8" seam allowance. Luckily, I realised that before starting to sew the dress together. But when I marked the notches on my dress, I accidentally cut to deep and as you can imagine this became a problem at the sleeve/shoulder seam! So, I had to sew the curve like 2/8" deeper. (Are you thinking now: no wonder that it doesn't fit you there?)

I am always amazed by the seamstresses that finish a garment in one day. And because I had made the dress before, I told myself I should be able to do this as well. So, when I realised that I didn't have enough clear elastic to stabilise my shoulder and waist seams, I just took out some cotton twill tape. This might have been working for the shoulders, but not for the waist seams. I had enough elastic for the shoulders and for the front waist seam. So, I put the twill tape at the back waist seam. (It was not my best idea.) The seam is stable, but not stretchy at all. Luckily, the front is stretchy enough so that I can get the dress on and off!!

Are you still with me? Or have you left because of all this silliness (I don't want to say stupidity)?

Do I like the dress? I do love the print! And I have worn the dress several times - you might have actually seen me wearing it during my shoemaking class. :) So if you had the feeling, you have seen the dress before - you are right! The dress is really warm, so perfect for winter weather.

Will I make it again? I will and I have already the jersey in my stash! It is much thinner, has more stretch and is pink. So it will be a lovely summer dress with short sleeves! I might change the neckline of the dress a bit, because I have been totally inspired by Charlies lovely boat neck version! Her dress has puff-sleeves as well!!!

What did I learn?
- Take your time when sewing and don't put yourself under pressure! Enjoy the experience!
- Even if you have made a pattern before, take the time and check the instructions.
- Don't make you notches to deep!
- If working with a jersey, test the stretch before cutting. If in doubt, go one size up!
- Gather your notions before starting the project!
Have I forgotten anything?

So, now I am back to finishing up my thesis - one week to go!!! And after handing-in, I am hopefully going to Ukraine for a lovely and much needed Easter break!


  1. I think it looks great - and actually if you hadn't pointed out the bits that you're not happy with, I wouldn't have even noticed!

    1. Thanks Sabs! Maybe I should stop trying to be perfect :)

  2. Your dress looks great! yes, there are some wrinkles, but no one will notice them. I think you did a great job experimenting with the twill tape. Sewing is all about learning as you go :)
    And good luck on getting your thesis completed - Yay for a vacation!

    1. Thank you Kristin, and yes your are right - I definitively learned a lot because of this project!

  3. I really like it - the fabric is lovely! There might be a few wrinkles, but I don't think anyone seeing you in the dress would think twice about them. As long as it's nice to wear, that's the main thing! Good luck with finishing your thesis and have a nice Easter break!

    1. Thank you Ruth! I am really tempted to get more of this fabric to make another dress :) I might get some more fabric though, when going to Ukraine! Yeah, I can't wait!!!

  4. I still love it! I love the fabric and if you don't tell people, they won't notice the fit issues. I'm actually about to cut out my second ladyskater - yet another variation :) xx

    1. Thanks Charlie. And you are right about not telling people! I actually noticed that a lot of my RTW clothes have these wrinkles as well!

  5. You're right about the print, it lends itself so well to this pattern. I really like the dress and the fitting issues aren't noticeable. I didn't notice the wrinkles until you pointed it out. Good luck for this week, your break will be well deserved!

  6. Very pretty, such a lovely fabric!
    I recently read a wonderful article about fitting sleeves and armscythes:


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