Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring Lady Skater Dress (No 3)

I am back from Kiev and despite the unrest happening all over Ukraine, we had an amazing holiday which involved loads of food (I gained 3 kg, buh), fishing, reading, sauna and fabric shopping. Before leaving for Kiev, I managed to sew two further Lady Skater dresses and finish knitting my Agatha cardigan.

Me getting water from the well - I think we were watering around 30 fruit trees
 and needed loads of water!
Pattern: Today, I am showing you my Lady Skater No 3, which has short sleeves.

First I was not sure if I like this print on me, but having worn the dress a few times,
I feel more happy with the busy print.

Adjustment: After the rather tight fitting bodice of my Lady Skater No 2, I made a few adjustments to it. Essentially, I took one of my much-loved Fat Face jersey dresses (that's what I mainly wear, when not wearing hand-made clothes) and traced the bodice. I then overlayed this bodice with the Lady Skater bodice. The difference between both patterns was mostly apparent at the bust and armholes, which were a bit bigger in the Fat Face bodice. So, I transferred these changes to the Lady Skater and that was it :) Later I found out that I had actually done a cheater full bust adjustment as described here by Amanda from Kitschy Coo.

Still a few wrinkles at the back.
Fabric: A really thin jersey that I bought in Goldhawk Road. Usually I wouldn't go for such a print but it just spoke to me because of all the pink in it! Luckily, my stash diet does not restrict me buying jersey! But otherwise, jersey is not really part of my stash as I use it almost immediately :)

Do I like it? I do, although I am still not 100% happy with the fit. There is a massive fabric fold under my arms and having a look on the Kitschy Coo website, I think that is because the upper chest/armhole is too long. But that can easily be resolved by just pinching out the fabric, measuring the pinched amount and shorten the pattern pieces by this amount (Amanda describes it here as well).

Here you can see the wrinkles under the arms and my top-stitched neckline.

Have I worn it yet? Yes I did in Kiev! As you can see on the photos it was an amazing warm day and the thin dress turned out to be perfect. Please excuse my footwear, but we were gardening and walking on the river that day and I had no shoes with me to change.

You will see these shoes a few more times, ups.

Also thanks so much for your comments about my latest Simplicity dress. They really motivate me to get started with the next dress, especially because I have everything I need in my stash.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


  1. Lovely print it really suits you. Warming and flattering. Nice in short sleeves too K xXx

  2. I love it! First I thought it was a chiffon, hehe. Probably because the print makes it look so light and fun. Great job!

  3. Gorgeous Daniela, I love the colours in that fabric!

  4. I love the print on you! It looks great with leggings. The fit looks great with this 3rd one - each time you get closer to a perfect fit :D I'm glad you had a lovely holiday too!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the fabric print and the top-stitched neckline.

  6. I LOVE this dress! What a great print!

  7. Lovely dress again - the colours really suit you, and I'm glad you had a nice holiday in spite of the unrest in Ukraine.

  8. Such pretty colours and excellent top stitching!

  9. What a cool fabric! I love jersey dresses...


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