Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The odd sewing favor...

I haven't been sewing much lately. I want to, but somehow I just can't find the time among job applications, football watching and weekends away. Thus when a friend asked me, if I would like to sew clothes labels into her friend's kids clothes, I agreed. I knew that there were three kids and I was told to attach the labels to 50 clothes, max 100 garments. I also didn't have to bring my sewing machine but could use the one from the household, which was a brand new Brother L14. I really love how fast you can sew backwards with her. As fast as you can sew forwards. With my brother the backwards stitching is so slow...

To make a long story short, I didn't attach 50 labels - no, I attached 600!!!! It took me 14 hours (one 8 hour and one 5 hour session) to sew these labels in and I basically attached them to every garment the kids have: dresses, shirts, underwear and socks! I don't think I ever spend 8 hours on the sewing machine when making something for myself.

One of the many washing baskets filled with clothes!
After 14 hours of sewing labels into garments, I had my technique really refined :) But it is still very fiddly, especially when trying to sew labels in the socks of a 2-year old!

How about you? Have you ever done an odd sewing favor?

So, I am leaving you with a picture from the White Cliffs of Dover that we took last weekend.
The Cliffs are amazing and we actually went up this cliff - hiking obviously not climbing ;)
on our 20 km walk from Folkestone to Dover.  


  1. 600 labels?! I don't envy you! I've actually just finished a sewing favour as well - a laundry bag for my friend to use for her baby son, now I have to do some secret sewing for my mum's birthday, then back to selfish sewing!

  2. Wow! That is really selfless of you!

    At the moment I'm sewing a dress-up cloak for my 5 year old niece, who wants an Elsa cloak (from Frozen, the Disney movie). Apparently the official Disney versions are impossible to get hold of, so Auntie Bea is stepping up. The cloak was quite easy to draft, but the sequin snowflakes on it are taking FOREVER!

  3. That is crazy! You are a saint for doing that! I would certainly have said no :-)

    The cliff picture is so beautiful - lucky you for getting to go there!

  4. Wow! Just wow! I'll be honest, I don't think I could have sat there for that long doing the same time. Your friend is so lucky to have you!!

  5. 600 labels?!! I admire your patience, and your friend owes you a big favour in return! She's very lucky to have such a nice friend as you.

  6. GOODNESS! 600??? Are you serious? You should've kept that awesome machine for doing that :D No, but seriously. Why would people want to have labels in every single piece of clothing for their kids? They're not going to boarding school, are they? At least not the two-year old! :D
    To be honest, I sometimes really enjoy monotuous work like that - at least you were using a machine, I always sew in my labels by hand. My odd sewing favours so far only included refashioning my mum's clothes whenever I'm at home :D

  7. I would not have been that kind in a zillion years!


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