Tuesday 9 December 2014

Kelly Skirt in Corduroy

Now here is a post that is long overdue. I made this Kelly Skirt already back in September, even before I made my Colette Parfait from the same red corduroy. When laying out my Parfait I realised that there was enough fabric left to cut a skirt. So I started to rearrange the patten pieces until both, the Kelly and Parfait, just about fit.

I couldn't cut the Kelly Skirt Back panel on the fold, but managed to cut it with a 5/8'' seam allowance to sew it with a center back seam. There were some black marks on the corduroy and I couldn't cut around them, but I managed to hide them on the inside of the waistband. 

I was keen on making another Kelly Skirt because sadly my first version is too tight and I don't feel comfy in it. My first version turned out to be too tight because I managed to shrink the waistband with my iron. So This time I made sure that no shrinkage happened.

I lined the pockets with some leftover Liberty cotton lawn (I still have more left!). They peek out a little bit, but I don't mind at all.

And here you can see that I'm still having problems to properly fuse interfacing to fabric. Ok I was also a bit worried to damage the corduroy.

The buttons are from Kiev and have lived for the last 4-5 years in my stash. They were destined to be added to a coat. However they were the only bottons that looked great with the red corduroy. As the corduroy is from Kiev as well, I just couldn't resist to put them together :)


The skirt is fully lined with an acetate lining. It is the same I used for the Parfait. Thanks to the lining the skirt is great to wear with tights and leggings. I always feel a bit christmasy when I put it on, haha.

I actually haven't worn it that often. I'm always worried that both, dress and skirt, look to similar and people will recognise they are made from the same fabric. Silly, I know. Do you have similar thoughts when wearing garments made from the same fabric?

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