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Hello :)

Nice to see you here! I am Daniela and I live in London with my boyfriend Lescha and my guinea pig Queeny. I am lucky enough to rent a big house so that I can have me dedicated sewing space.

I only started to write this blog in summer 2013 because I wanted to share with you my adventures in sewing and quilting. And you might have noticed, if you have been looking around, that I have also started to blog about knitting. Knitting is a new passion for me, so bear with me.

Here are my thoughts that I posted when I started this blog: “I am pretty new to sewing as I started to sew seriously (or better regularly) just in December 2012. I bought my sewing machine already in 2009 convinced that I would become the worlds best seamstress :) I took a few sewing courses (meaning two) and started to sew dresses labelled "Beginner". But soon I realized that even when my self-sewn clothes looked nice, they actually didn't fit me. I got disappointed and at this point gave up

For the next two and a half years my sewing machine was hidden away and just came out of hiding to make presents for Christmas time. Then at the beginning of 2013 my sewing spirit awakened again - I started to quilt, having fallen in love with all the beautiful quilting cottons. There is so much choice - patterns and colors. I was patch working and quilting (without even thinking about dress making) until April, when I saw the Great British Sewing Bee on TV and got immediately hooked again with dressmaking. I saw Tilly from "Tilly and the Buttons", who had started sewing at around the same time I did. But she hadn’t given up as I did and made now lovely clothes and I thought that could have been me.

So, I decided to try again and this time stay motivated!”

If you want to know me even better :) hop over to Charlie from thisblogisnotforyou, where I gave a little interview

My sewing gear:

Sewing machine: I have a Brother BC-2500, which I bought because it was on offer and I just couldn't resist. But I never regretted it, because the machine is really sturdy and can even handle big quilts. It comes with 60 different stitches and I mainly use five. I love that it has the buttonhole feature and thus I was never afraid to make buttonholes as you might have noticed. I would say it is the perfect machine for a beginner, reliable and easy to use. The only additional feet I bought are the walking food, free motion quilting foot and ¼” foot. So only patch working and quilting stuff…

Overlocker: I bought a Bernina 800DL (see my review here) and I just love it! It is really easy to thread and the tension is easily adjustable as well. I have tried out most of its functions, like overlocking with 4 and 3 threads and the rolled hem and had hardly any issues to change the settings. I haven’t been to the Bernina class yet, but will hopefully go soon.

Iron: Yes you need a good iron if you want your sewing to look pretty! I got a Philips GC7619/20 PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron for Christmas and I think I like it. I still have to get used to it and will update this section with a review soon. But so far, it is doing a great job and my darts look super smooth and lovely J

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