Monday 21 September 2015

Honey Moon Sewing: The Bettine Dress.

Finally after 6 month of writing wedding dress posts and sewing on my wedding dress, I managed to sew a casual dress! It is the Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress! I finished it before we left for our honey moon and so I had the opportunity to get the photographs taken in Corfu, Greece - where we spent a fantastic time!

Pockets :)

I'm not sure what exactly the fabric is other than it most certainly contains polyester. It is very soft to the touch and draps nicely. That's why I have chosen it for this style of loose fitting dress. I can even wear the dress with tights and the fabric is not clinging!

I've cut a size 3 for the bodice and graded up to a size 4 at the hips. However, I always seem to forget that Tillys pattern are a bit short for me. So instead of hitting me over the knee the hem stops somewhere mid calf and makes sitting down rather awkward.

For my next version - and yes there will be one - I also have to add some width to the shoulders as they are a bit tight. This dress is actually the first dress where I managed to rip a seam. I was sitting in the car and bending down to pull the lever for the petrol lid when I heard a rip. The seams directly under my arm pit had ripped apart.

Here you can see that it is really a bit short on me.
For a quick fix I stitched several times over the weak spot in this version - and I'm careful how far I stretch my arms. So far it is holding up.

Other than this it is a very comfy dress that came quickly together. It was also the first time that I added elastic in a waistband and I'm happy with how it turned out! I have already layed out the fabric for version two and hopefully will find some time next weekend to sew it.

On other terms, I need some fall sewing inspiration. I somehow do not know what to sew next and have spent the last couple of weeks to find inspiration. But haven't been able to. It is really frustrating to have time to sew but not to know what to make. So tell me what are you making for your fall wardrobe and which colors are you choosing? Hopefully the spark will fly over to me!!!

Friday 4 September 2015

My Wedding Dress: The Big Reveal

Here is finally the moment you all have waited for. I'm going to share my wedding dress with you. As the pictures were taken on my actual wedding day (who would guess) it turned out I didn't have that many that really show of my dress or only show me without my blog-shy husband. So I did some cropping, but hope you will enjoy the photographs anyway.

There are no photographs without the bolero because I was wearing it the whole day. When I tried it on initially the lace felt a bit itchy and stiff but on the day I didn't feel uncomfortable in it. It also made the whole outfit look much more bridal.

My bouquet, as well as the buttonhole flowers for the men and the roses for my hair, were flown in from Germany. My mum brought them with her the day before the wedding and I think we were all a bit worried that they would get damaged or welt. The bouquet is vintage inspired and has three hydrangeas and some roses in it. The stems are wrapped in lace and bound with some ribbon.

Most photographs were taken from my right side and so it is difficult to actually see the flowers that I hand stitched to the left side. They were flowing down to the train.

My hair was braided on one side and then arranged to a curly bun. The roses were the same as in my husbands buttonhole flowers. 

Thanks again to everybody who encouraged me to keep the train. It felt amazing to have it swoosh behind me all day. I loved it so much I didn't take it up at all. The train has some grass stains on it but otherwise held up very well - no rips. I've given the dress to the dry cleaners already so fingers crossed they got the stains out.

I also made our ring cushion with the fabrics from my dress.

We had some gas filled heart shaped balloons that we released into the sky. They all carried well wishes from friends written on postcards with our address and stamps on it. If they are found, somebody might send them back to us. Lets see, so far none has arrived.

Our wedding day was an amazing day. Full of emotions, laughter and joy. It went so fast and if I wouldn't have the photos and wedding band on my finger I might doubt it actually happened. We are just back from an amazing honey moon in Corfu and live settles back into its usual routine. It means there will be time for me to sew and knit again and actually think about my autumn wardrobe. Have you started with your autumn sewing or are you still holding on to the last sunshine of summer?

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