Saturday 22 June 2013

My first POST - exciting!

Here I am, asking myself what I should probably write into my first post on my new blog. Maybe it will be a good start to tell you why I decided to share my thoughts with you and also what you can expect to read and see in the future.

I am thinking for quite a while now about blogging and especially about blogging about my new passion :) which is quilting and dressmaking. I have seen that there is a great sewing community on the web - everybody is showing off their creations, sharing tutorials and giving tips. I thought, "I could do this as well". I would love to show what I have made and to talk about it with like-minded people - I am pretty sure my family and friends are bored by now of my sewing talk.

That's it for today. At least for this post - writing further for the about me section.

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