Sunday 8 September 2013

WIP: Butterick Retro B4790

Finally, this weekend I managed to fit the muslin for the Fall for Cotton challenge! Remember, the dress I am going to make is the Butterick Retro B4790, which is a wrap dress with a circle skirt. I used old cotton bed sheets I got from a charity shop for the muslin. The bed sheets are super soft and quite stretchy (I have to admit I didn't stay stitch the neckline). I assume my real fabric will behave a bit better - more stiff.

Following the tutorial by Katrina of Edelweiss pattern, I cut out size 8, which is only 1/2" bigger than my high bust measurement. I then moved my shoulder seams forward and adjusted my waist width by adding some tissue to the side seams of front and back bodice.

I think the muslin looks alright, although I still find that there is too much fabric at the bust (maybe I need to do a SBA) and in the area going from my shoulders to the bust. But have a look yourself.

Do you see the excess fabric that forms a fold radiating from the shoulders to the bust? Any ideas there if it is supposed to be like this? Or how I can remove the excess?

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