Saturday 31 May 2014

Thrifting luck: Indian fabric

We do have a couple of charity shops where I live and I like to go there to buy old duvet covers that I use as muslin fabric. I am fitting a shirt for Lescha at the moment and my gosh the pattern pieces are just massive. I am on my fourth muslin and you can imagine how much fabric you need to assemble a long sleeve mens shirt. But at least, I am almost done now and can soon cut into the real fabric.

The cotton fabric

When I went to the charity shop I did not only buy duvet covers, but was extremely lucky and found some beautiful fabric. For just £6, I got three meters of this amazing pink cotton/poly-cotton and two meters of a pink chiffon. The start and end of the cotton piece is decorated with colorful and golden flowers - I just love it. I think the fabric was intended for a making a sari, because it said Indian fabric on the price tag.

Golden flowers

The chiffon is pale pink and looks like the sides are batiked in blue. It is decorated with the same flowers as the cotton fabric. 

The chiffon on top of the cotton.

I haven't decided yet, what I am going to make with them. A dress obviously. But should I combine the cotton and chiffon in one dress or should I make a dress from the cotton and a thin summer scarf from the chiffon? What do you think guys? Any ideas?

I am playing with the thought to participate in Laurens and Andis outfit along. I think the cotton fabric would make a perfect Simplicity 1803 dress. In my mind I see a pink bodice and a skirt with flowers printed all over it :) I haven't bought the pattern yet, but I am tempted. As for the knitted cardigan, I am going to knit Andi's Hetty Cardigan in pink wool. 

What about you? Are you participating in the outfit along?


  1. That fabric is gorgeous! I've no suggestions for what to make with it, but what a great find. I am taking part in the OAL, but only the knitting part.

  2. Wow, what a bargain! the prints/fabrics are matching perfectly, so I'd try to combine them somehow (or even squeeze two or three dresses out of them). How about the pattern you got for your birthday? Wasn't that for a chiffon? Maybe you could make a variation of that dress and use the cotton for underlining the chiffon!

  3. Ooooh, pretty fabric! And what a bargain! I buy duvets from charity shops for making muslins with as well, it's a good source of material. I'm hoping to take part in the outfit along, but I think I'll probably pick different patterns - I already have the wool ready to knit a different cardi and I just got Tilly's book so I think I might make the Lilou dress from that. Looking forward to seeing what your lovely material turns into!

  4. It sounds like the fabric was a set for making a salwar kameez ensemble, with the usual dupatta (chiffon scarf). It's very pretty, good find!

  5. I love that shade of pink and those flowers are so special too! I think a dress is in order, both fabrics for the skirt, using the chiffon as an overlay, maybe with a front "split", I'm not sure of the terminology for that sort of skirt.

  6. I love it when charity shops have bargains like this! The fabric is really pretty and the gold detail on the flowers is wonderful. I like the look of them together - they will make a great dress.


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