Wednesday 18 June 2014

Meet Fox and Panda for Dinner!

Can you imagine: I haven't been sewing for the last two and a half weeks! I went to Germany for a week and then I send my sewing machine on holidays (check-up) at the same time. I was hoping she would be back when I returned, but she isn't. I called the engineer today and he promised to bring her back tomorrow! I can't wait! I am showing withdrawal symptoms: What do you do when you can't sew? Buy sewing books (Hello "Love at first stitch" and "Colette Guide to sewing knits"), patterns (Hello Bronte Top) and knit fabrics.

Why are placemats more difficult to photograph than people?

Have you ever gotten a check-up for your sewing machine? I wanted to do it for the last year, but just couldn't part from my machine. But now she became really noisy and I had troubles getting all the dust out of her. Then I had a problem with the bobbin case that somehow got stuck. I had to force it out and in the process scratched some of the plastic. If even possible, the noise level went up further. So, I am really excited to see how she is going to perform after her check-up!

Today is my little sisters Birthday (Happy Birthday Tina :) ) and I made her two placemats as a Birthday present: a Panda and Fox. I didn't come up with this pattern by myself, but found it and a tutorial on Chrissy's blog "One crafty place".  The only change I made, was to print the pattern slightly larger so that I could make bigger placemats. 

Except for the dotted fabric, all materials came from my stash/scrap bin. I love the placemats and really want to make them for myself as well! But I doubt that will be soon, as there is always another project that is more urgent to sew, haha.

Placemats modeled with a lemon cake :)


  1. Those are so cute!!! I'm sure she will love them - I'd want to make some for myself too!
    I hope your baby comes back to you much quieter and it tip top shape. I would be having withdrawals if I was you too!

  2. They're such cute placemats! I'd definitely want to make some for myself. Hope your sewing machine comes back better after her check-up and you're back to sewing things for yourself again soon!

  3. These are brilliant! I love the wee faces.

  4. Oh, cute! What great presents.


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