Wednesday 11 June 2014

Sewing for "Little Ones"

There seems to be a baby boom this summer. At least in my vicinity as neighbors, relatives and friends are becoming babies. So, this is a perfect excuse for me to venture into the world of tiny sewing. For long I have been admiring the baby clothes made by fellow bloggers and now I can do it as well, yeah.

My friend is having a little baby girl and thus I decided to make a little summer dress from jersey. I searched the internet for ages and saw so many beautiful clothes, hats and sleeping bags (to the point that I also wanted to have a baby to sew for - I think Lescha was scarred!). Surprisingly, most of the dress patterns I saw, were made from cotton. But I also found an easy tutorial from Delia creates for a suspender dress.

I was able to use leftover jerseys and sewed two little dresses. It took me only 1 hour from cutting out to the finished dress. I stitched the whole dress on my overlocker - so fast! The only visible seam is the one at the waistline.

I am only a little bit worried that the dress is too small. Delia says it should fit a 3-6 month old baby. I really hope so. I don't really have an imagination how little/big babies are, as there haven't been any so far among my friends. But in the photo below, you can see the approximate size of the dresses when comparing them with my arm.

Should the dress not fit the baby, maybe her doll can wear it, haha.

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  1. So cute! I'm not very good on how little/big babies are either, but it looks like it should be OK. My sister is having a baby in the autumn so I might have to remember this pattern if the baby is a girl!


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